We’ve been having the most beautiful weather so we have been living outside the last month and it’s been so great! This is the last week of school for Lucas. He has been loving it outside and loves that he now has 2 friends that live just 3 houses up so they are back and forth between the houses all day. Annabelle is still a happy little girl who has gotten quite the temper when things aren’t going her way. She always wears her bike helmet when she’s outside even if she’s not using her bike. Nana and papa have a seasonal at the campground up the road so the kids have loved going there the last couple weeks. We’ve gotten lots of house projects done including a sandbox for the kids! Lucas doesn’t like being dirty so he just sits on the side and plays with his trucks, whereas Annabelle gets right in there and plays. We still have lots more projects we want to do before baby arrives. I’m 28 weeks today and thing are going well! I go this week to see how he’s growing. My last ultrasound last month showed he’s a big just like Lucas and Annabelle were. He is definitely a mover and is practicing to be a boxer! I will be getting Induced around 37-38 weeks. Life continues to get busier and busier as baby date comes closer.


Even if we are under a stay at home order and no school until fall we have been trying to get outside and not go stir crazy. it’s been beautiful the last couple weeks so we have been going for walks and playing in the yard. Last night it snowed, but hopefully it goes away soon. Lucas got a new bike and he has been on it every second he can since then. He didn’t know how to pedal at first, but now he’s a master at it. I think he will he done with training wheels by the end of summer! Annabelle tried out the balance bike, but not a fan of it. She prefers to walk or be carried. We are starting to fall into a routine with homeschool in the morning and then outside time in the afternoon. Rob has been working away in his office. Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can continue to play outside.

Stuck at home

We all have been staying at home except for a daily walk trying to stay healthy. I’ve been homeschooling Lucas while he’s out of school and he has been loving the activities we’ve been doing. His favorite subject is science so I have lots of science experiments planned. we’ve been watching daily zoo animal videos and Lucas now loves hippos and porcupines. Today we got the new kitchen all set up and both kids absolutely love it! Also enjoy videos of the kids dance movies during our dance party.

Lots going on!

It’s been a very busy month for us! The basement is finally finished and we love it so much! We spend so much time down there. The snow is finally starting to go away some and we can get outside and go for walks and play. This weekend the kids stayed at my parents and Rob and I took a mini trip to New York. We found out today that Lucas won’t have school for the next 3 weeks and possibly longer. Rob also won’t be traveling for the next 3 weeks. He will be working from home. As for Lucas I already have many lessons all ready to help him still continue his learning even if he’s not at school. The baby is doing well and the nausea is finally stating to go away! Annabelle being as stinky as ever and getting into and climbing everything. I’ll try to post more, but as Lucas is home and the weather gets nicer I foresee us getting even busier. Here are some pictures from the last month.

Number 3 is on the way!

Lucas and Annabelle want to share that they have a baby brother or sister coming in August! Lucas is beyond excited for the baby and hopes it’s another baby sister. Annabelle doesn’t understand yet, but does love to kiss my belly. I’m only 13 weeks, but look at least 6 months pregnant. The nausea and fatigue have been horrible, but we are all getting through it. The basement is finally starting to look like it’s coming to an end! Just a few more things to do and we are all so ready for it to be done! Annabelle is doing great with potty training! She doesn’t wear a diaper unless we are out of the house or sleeping. I got her some undies, but she takes them right off because she prefers to be naked. Annabelle now has a big girl bed in Lucas’s room, but we gave up on it for a month or so after the first night was a disaster. We will try again soon. Annabelle had had first dentist appointment last week and did awesome!

Busy season

This season has been a beyond busy one for our family with home renovations, Lucas’s surgery, fun, and sickness. Lucas’s surgery went great and he’s now 2 weeks out from it and his eyes are looking great! He doesn’t need his glasses now and he’s eyes are straight and don’t turn out at all! He did great with his surgery and recovery. He only complained the night of the surgery that his eyes hurt. The last couple weeks the basement renovations have picked up again and they should be done by the end of February. Right now Lucas, Annabelle, and I are recovering from what could be the flu and have been under the weather for almost a week now. Rob goes back to traveling tomorrow and we will miss him being home very much. The kids and I are going to hopefully get back to 100% this week. Annabelle Now needs to climb absolutely everything including on the table. Her favorite outfit is her Daniel tiger shirt and her boots with no pants or diaper. She is figuring out how to use the potty and doesn’t have many accidents, but does still wear a diaper for bed, naps, and away from the house. She is leading her potty training. Lucas is already ready for winter to be over because he really doesn’t like the cold and it’s been really cold lately.