Nights aren’t for sleeping 

Lucas has decided that nights aren’t for sleeping anymore. I finally got him to sleep at 4 in his swing and I napped next to him on the couch. We both got some much needed sleep after being awake for hours. After our breakfast Lucas was very awake and alert so we read a couple books and cuddled. He fell asleep during the reading so now he’s sleeping on me while I read a book of mine for the first time since before he was born.  

Long Day

Lucas’s and my day started earlier than normal due to someone hitting his 3 week growth spurt and wanting to eat all the time. When he wasn’t eating he was screaming because he was gassy or he was ready to eat again. He did not spend much time sleeping this morning or afternoon because he was a very unhappy little boy. During one of the couple naps he took I took the opportunity to take a half hour nap myself. By 4 o’clock I had spit up, pee and milk on my shirt, mustard from my lunch on my pants and I’m sure even more stuff. I was a mess. Lucas was freshly clothed because he peed on himself multiple times which warranted a few wardrobe changes throughout the day. When Robert got home Lucas was finally taking a nap and we had a yummy dinner before we started a few tasks we wanted to get done tonight. One of the tasks was to organize the cloth diapers because tonight is the start of our cloth diaper journey! Little man has turned into big man and no longer fits comfortably in his newborn diapers. IMG_1137


nap time


Thunder Thighs


Napping in crib while mom and dad organized diapers

First day without daddy 

Today really flew by. My mom came to spend the day with Lucas and I and we did a little shopping and went for lunch. Lucas was a good boy and slept in his car seat in the stroller. We then went to lunch where Lucas proceeded to pee all over his face, outfit and my shirt when I was changing him. Good thing I pack extra outfits for him in the diaper bag where as for me I was out of luck. I will now be keeping an extra shirt for me in the bag too. We were both happy to see Robert when he got home from work 🙂


Shopping is hard work 

Happy Easter! 

It was a quiet day at the Brugman house. We did a little grocery shopping, cleaned up the house (babies have a lot of stuff) and we all went for a little walk with the weather being so beautiful! Tonight we are having burgers for our Easter dinner. It’s Roberts first day back at work tomorrow since Lucas was born so most likely Lucas will be at his fussiest tonight so daddy gets no sleep.  

Sleeping in mommys wrap while grocery shopping


Being a baby is hard work 🙂


All dressed up! 

Lucas is all dressed up for a early Easter lunch with my family. He was in the outfit for all of 5 minutes before he spit up on it, but it was easily cleaned up 🙂 We weighed Lucas this morning and he is 8 pounds! To celebrate we tried on his cloth diapers. They fit much better but couldn’t be worn with his Easter outfit because his pants wouldn’t fit over his fluffy butt.  


New Toys!

We set up Lucas’s swing and he loves to sit in it! He only likes to swing side to side, he says forward and back isn’t for him 🙂 The last couple of days have been tired ones for all, but last night Lucas slept like a champ and only woke up when he was hungry about every 3 hours. Robert and I are both much more rested today. Robert went to Costco to pick up some things for the week and I had some mommy Lucas cuddle time and read a few books. I love reading to him and see his cute little eyes looking up at me. Tonight we are going to my parents for dinner and Lucas will meet his cousin brooke for the first time in person (they have facetimed 🙂 ).

Long night

We are learning that parenthood comes with very little sleep. Lucas loves to sleep during the day but at night he is wide awake and gets fussy when someone isn’t holding him. Last night he finally decided at 5am that it was time to finally go to sleep and let us sleep for a whole 3 hours straight (longest stretch of sleep we’ve had since he was born)! He then slept all morning and into the early afternoon except for eating. He then again decided he wanted to nap on someone so he went into the carrier and instantly fell asleep. I foresee a lot of housework being done with him in the carrier. I fully now agree with the saying sleep when the baby sleeps 🙂