Helpful boy 

Lucas and I were helpers today while Robert put new maple trees in because over the winter Luna ate them. We kept him company 🙂 Lucas has been such a good boy the last couple of days and tonight during his normal fussy hours he wasn’t fussy. We did some tummy time and had a bath like a big boy in the bathtub. He loves taking baths in the bathtub. I think he’s going to love when I take him to swimming lessons this winter! Today we broke out the 6 month clothes and they fit petty well. This little boy is growing out of clothes too quickly 🙂 looks like it’s time to do some shopping again for bigger clothes. 

Doctors :-( 

The day started out good, Lucas wasn’t fussy and I got 12 inches of hair cut off, but then the day got less fun. Lucas and I both had to make trips to the doctors and neither of us was happy about it. Lucas had to get his blood drawn to check for jaundice again and was a very good boy. He doesn’t have jaundice that affects his liver which was wonderful news. Once getting done everything he was a very tired boy.

Big boy 

Lucas got weighed today and he is 12 pounds 1.5 ounces. He’s doubled the weight he got down to in the hospital. He’s almost in his 6 month clothes now. He’s getting more adorable  by the day 🙂 

Busy day 

It was a busy day today. We took a ride to get my yummy ice cream cake, had a early birthday dinner that my parents and brother came to. Lucas got to meet his uncle nick for the first time. Lucas then got a bath and lotioned up before going to bed. 

mommy I don’t want to sleep anymore 🙂

Nicest day of the year 

It was beautiful day so we went for a nice walk and lunch with us, Luna and my parents. Lucas was loving the fresh air and slept the whole walk and lunch. Robert washed cars when we got home while Lucas and I kept him company. Can’t wait for many more days like this!  

lucas learning how to drive early


going for a walk was hard work 🙂