All Smiles 

Lucas is all smiles this Morning 🙂 He was such a great boy yesterday and last night. He went for an adjustment at the chiropractors and then went on to only get up once at 3 this morning. We both feel well rested after a night of more sleep than we usually get. Today is laundry day and we have to pack to get ready for our mini trip to Maine tomorrow for a day with my mom. 

Lots of smiles 

Lucas has been smiling lots the past couple of days. He loves diaper changes because he loves having no clothes on and looking at the alphabet wall. He got a sit me up chair last Night and he had some of the biggest smiles I’ve seen him have when I put him in it. Today was another beautiful day so we all went for a nice walk. Robert then mowed the lawn while Lucas and I had storytime (he fell asleep a minute into it) and are going to make dinner and hopefully to get some ice cream later before Lucas’s bedtime. 

tummy time is exhausting!

lucas likes to sleep in weird positions

loving his new chair

reading puts him to sleep

Loved the nice weather while it lasted

It’s been such nice weather here! Lucas and I have gone for a walk just about every day this week. It was so nice to get out for walks and I’m glad we did because it looks like this weekend and week we won’t be able to go on many because of lots of rain. 

1st day in cloth diapers next to a picture from today. He’s getting to be a big boy 🙂