Growing too quickly! 

We’ve had to start putting away 6 month clothes and get some 9 month clothes. It seems like he just moved to 6 month clothes. He’s growing too quickly! He’s approaching 17 pounds already! I can’t believe my little man is already almost 4 months old. 

Lucas loves babywearing and so do I!

Lucas and I put up his bird feeder my parents got him for easter!

Cutie :-) 

Lucas had the best night of sleep Monday followed by a day of not wanting to take naps and getting so over tired he didn’t want to go to bed. I walked him for about an half hour in the carrier to make him fall asleep. Once he fell asleep he slept quite well. He’s been a happy boy this morning and hopefully will take all his naps today to stay a happy boy. 

morning cuddles

Busy week! 

Robert is in Florida this week and my project of the week is painting the washroom bathroom. I paint when Lucas is taking naps and has gone to bed for the night. This week is finally suppose to be nice again so there will finally be walks again! Miss lovegood will love getting out again! Lucas rolled over again tonight! He’s been a happy boy unless his routine is changed because he is a baby who likes routine. He’s been sleeping in his crib for the last week and he’s doing great! still not sleeping through the night but we will get there someday 🙂 oh and as much as I try the little man loves to suck his thumb. 

one month, two months and three months! He’s getting big so quickly.

When we left the house he was wearing matching clothes then he had a diaper blow out and these were the only change of pants in his diaper bag 🙂

Little trouble maker :-) 

The little guy has started to spit out his pacifier while sleeping so he can suck on his thumb. When he’s awake and tries to suck on it we put his pacifier back in since it’s easier to take his pacifier away than his thumb.  I would rather not have to cut them off because he’s got cute thumbs 🙂 

the little goofball was sleeping with his hands in the air.