6 month appointment 

The doctor said Lucas is a very healthy boy! He’s 20 pounds 8 ounces (88th percentile) and 27.5inches long (70th percentile) his head went from the 40th percentile to the 57th. He did excellent with his shots but wasn’t too impressed with the nurse waking him up. He passed out while we were waiting because he was past nap time. He came home and took a great 2 hour nap! 

Productive Weekend

Our week in Albany went well. Lucas and I did some shopping, but it was more window shopping this time. I did buy him so books for Christmas, which I already wrapped 🙂 We had some tasty food and found that Lucas loves meatballs! The week tired Lucas out because he slept most of the way home. This weekend Lucas and I did inside work while Rob did a lot of outdoor work. Today Lucas was a great helper while I made cupcakes for a birthday. Tomorrow morning he has his 6 month appointment even if he is almost already 7 months 🙂 He gets his shots 🙁 I am curious to know how much he weighs and how tall his is. He is now officially in all 12 month clothes and thats not even because of the bulk of his diaper. While we were away he was in disposables and his clothes still fit the same. This week we don’t have much going on. I will try to post more frequently, but this little guy sure keeps me busy.


On our way to Albany Rob had a meeting so Lucas and I went for a walk in that time. When we got back we hung out in the car after he ate and he kept smiling and making noises at the mirror 🙂



First time in a shopping cart.



He was helping me unpack from our trip.



Wearing his fall clothes



He loves his Sophie! We have to bring her everywhere.


He loves to play with books and tries to turn the pages for them. He loves reading time and is very interested in the colorful pictures.

Great Weekend!

Lucas has slept through the night for the last two nights!!! He has been enjoying new foods lately like meatloaf, ground turkey, eggs and a little bit of bread. His favorite food so far appears to be bananas! He has been such a good boy. This weekend we did lots of yard work and he was such a great help 🙂 Tonight we went out to dinner with my parents and he didn’t fuss at all even if he had skipped a nap! He has been an excellent napper and sleeper the past few days. Today he took 2 two hour naps which is why he probably wasn’t tired for the 3rd. This week him and I are going with Rob again to New York. We don’t have any plans for the week so I’m sure there will be lots of walks and swimming for us. Luna is at my parents playing with her best friends Molly and Boulder and probably harassing the cats. img_2996img_3002img_3004img_3006img_3010img_3012img_3018


He was not happy about something



He was loving his banana


He was such a great helper while I was packing



He got bored with helping me pack

Another busy week 

It’s going to be another busy week for Lucas and I. Rob left yesterday and is gone until Wednesday. Today was a very good day. Lucas slept very well and took a wonderful morning nap and we spent sometime outside because it was beautiful out. This afternoon Lucas, my mom and I went and did some shopping. Lucas loves being in the wrap carrier and gets very sleepy when he’s in it. Lucas now gets really happy when Luna comes into the room and it’s so cute. Lucas is now doing great with his sitting up and will sometimes get up on his hands and knees preparing to crawl. He’s growing up so quickly. Today we had to break out the cool weather clothes because it’s been quite cool here this week and it will continue next week too. 

this was right before he fell asleep

6 months 

I thought I posted this a few days ago but it was still in my drafts 🙂 We’ve been very busy which is why I haven’t posted in awhile. We had a great time in both New York and Maine! Lucas got to see his uncle Scott, uncle nick and aunt Abby. This week Rob’s working locally so we get to see him at night. Lucas is going through something that he’s cranky and not sleeping the best. Rob and I’ve both had colds so he might have one too. Lucas has been wanting to be on the move lately. In the short periods of times he will let us put him down he’s scooting and rolling off. He loves being his jumper and being walked around so he can see everything. 

Great week 

Lucas is now the master of rolling over he can sit up for quite awhile and he’s quite a scooter. He scoots backwards most of the time. Him and Luna have fun playing together. They both love a dog toy he has. Luna was skeptical of it at first because it barks. We are all over our colds! Lucas is not so cranky anymore and will now let me put him down when I need to do something. 

He’s starting to learn his counting early

He was helping me work by shredding papers

He covered himself up 🙂