Swimming lessons!

Halloween costume pictures will be posted this afternoon or evening! Lucas and I had a busy morning already. We had our first swim lesson and Lucas loved it! He splashed and smiled the whole time. I loved seeing other babies too! We had a nice warm bath when we got home and he’s now taking a nap. 

Long Week

Lucas still has a cold 🙁 He’s pretty much been a happy boy, but yesterday was a very rough day for him. He was only happy if he was in the carrier and I was walking around. He has been sleeping great at night still! I hope he gets better soon!


Lucas and Luna love to help me work 🙂



He’s already growing out of some 12 month clothes 🙁

Good morning!

Lucas says good morning! Even with his runny nose he slept wonderfully last night and slept for his normal 11 hours! He was a happy smiley boy this morning!  He is now taking a nap. Our baby group is today but we aren’t going this week so we don’t get anyone else sick or get Lucas more sick. 

First cold :-( 

Lucas is experiencing his first cold. He has a very runny nose and not sleeping for long periods of time but other than that he’s his happy self. Besides coming with me to a doctors appointment today in Burlington we are going to stick at home this week. Hopefully his cold will get better before swimming lessons start Monday! In the following pictures we were parked in the parking garage 🙂 

Good weekend 

Lucas and Rob have been having fun with the new carrier. They use it for everything 🙂 It rained all day yesterday so we stayed inside and cleaned and played. We went to my parents for dinner for my grandfathers birthday. Lucas got to see another baby. He loves seeing babies! Last night it snowed so Lucas got bundled up, which he wasn’t a fan of until he got outside and sat in the snow. He was smiles the whole time until he put his face in the snow. Luna had a good week too. There is a older dog that has come a few times and she loves playing with him. I have no idea where he comes here from. The FedEx driver is also her friend now. If she is outside in the driveway he will stop to give her a treat when if he doesn’t have a package for us. I think she now waits for him when she sees it coming.

When we were inside he wasn’t a fan of his snowsuit

His playroom is almost done!

Day with daddy! 

Lucas spent the day with daddy helping him work while I was gone. They had a fun day together. We love all the packages we got from people lately!! I can’t wait to put Lucas in everything! My office/ guest room has now turned into Lucas’s playroom/my office. It still has some work to be done but until the basement is how we want it this room will work for his toys 🙂 he is now starting to crawl faster and will now start following you and it’s so cute. This weekend we went to a cider mill and had lots of fun!

Work in progress playroom