Good day!

It’s just Lucas, Luna, and I are home this week because Rob is working out of town. We are trying to stay busy like always 🙂 today was swimming lessons and we had a fun time. The rest of the day was spent, napping, playing, reading and a quick trip to the store. 

Busy days 

We’ve been very busy lately. Thanksgiving was great and Lucas had a great time! Lucas has been waking up at 5 the past few mornings so our days start earlier than we would like. On Friday we did some shopping for Christmas presents for Lucas and then today we started putting up Christmas decorations. We have the tree up and so far Lucas hasn’t showed much interest in it. He’s more interested in taking out the bottles of the wine rack he just discovered today. 

He was a very tired boy from waking up at 5.

Lucas loved his visit from his uncle Scott!

Helping daddy shovel the driveway while I put up Christmas lights!


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Lucas started saying dada yesterday! He’s just so cute! We have lots to get ready for today and Lucas is a great help. He most likely will be in back carrier. I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! 

His little jeans are so adorable on him 🙂

We finally got a few of his newborn pictures on canvas and up in the dining room!

Active little boy 

Lucas loves to be moving all the time! He never sits still even while eating. He has really started to get into everything no so we did some more baby proofing. We are having thanksgiving at our house so it’s been a busy week. Lucas and I got a new wrap so we’ve been breaking that in while we clean and do stuff around the house. He’s starting to babble much more and trying to pull himself up to more things. He is now 23 pounds and still in some of his 12 month clothes but mostly 18 month. He’s starting to wear each month clothes for longer because he’s now slimming down some from being active and because he’s really gotten taller. 

He likes to crawl under his walker and get stuck

Big boy and his sippy cup 🙂

He still loves to help me fold laundry!

Beautiful weather 

It’s been beautiful weather here for this time a year so Lucas and I are taking advantage of it and getting out for walks before snow comes. It’s been windy so he’s been getting bundled up when we go out for them. He loves being outside. He has no discovered Luna’s water dish, food in the fridge and how to open cupboards. More baby proofing will be happening soon. 

Lucas got his first Christmas stocking!!

Going on an adventure to the mailbox!

My little cute bear 🙂

He didn’t care that he didn’t match at all 😉

Little Monster

Lucas is a little cutie monster 🙂 He now loves to try to climb everything that is accessible to him (boxes, inside his toy cubbies and his favorite is me when he’s eating). He loves to try to pull on lamp cords and remembers where they are all are so when we aren’t looking he can make a dash for them. Of course he still has his battle cry when he’s crawling so we know right where is his. He has quite the personality of a little trouble maker 🙂 He loves looking at himself in mirrors and trying to kiss and talk to it. He loves going shopping. When he’s in a shopping cart he almost turns himself around because he loves to see where he is going. He also yells to let everyone know he’s coming. Not a mad yell but a look at me yell. It’s cute and gets him lots attention which he loves. Right now he is taking his great after swimming lessons nap which is usually his best nap of the week. Next week we don’t have swimming lessons because of the Thanksgiving which is too bad since that was the only one Rob could come with us to. We have 3 more lessons then there is a couple week break and then we will sign up for a new session!


Luna in her natural habitat!


He was trying for a few days to climb this tote and he was happy when he did!



His 12 Month onesies are getting a bit too small for him 🙂


Loves to eat! 

Love loved eating berries for the first time this morning and beets tonight! He was a bit messy after both 🙂 

Standing is his favorite thing to do lately

He loves to explore when I’m working but turns right back around when he sees I’m not following him 🙂