Even more teeth

Lucas now has 4 teeth coming in and a couple more that look like they aren’t far behind. For the past few days he has been miserable and not much has been making him happy. He Isn’t sleeping or napping well and that isn’t helping his mood. It’s sad seeing him so miserable. Here are pictures from the last couple days. We bring him sledding his new sled from santa and he loved that and smiled the whole time!


He loves trying to climb the stairs



getting a sink bath after dinner


his favorite place to get stuck



He kept wanting to lay down 


helping put away groceries


More Teeth

Lucas has his 2 front top teeth coming in and these ones are making him very fussy so far 🙁


Luna loves the Teepee!


He was very close to doing a split



How his playroom looks at the end of the day



He loves all his new bath toys!



He was only happy this morning being in the wrap and walking around the house


Lucas’s playroom is almost complete! My mom and I have been working on a banner for his teepee that still  needs to go up! I also need to get some decorative pillows for his teepee. Luna liked to hangout in there today. Lucas now has enough toys to play with for awhile.  

Lucas and his favorite toy. He got it from the bathroom since it’s a bath toy and crawled with it around the house 🙂


Christmas Part 2 & 3

Yesterday was a very busy day with 3 christmas’s. We had a good time at each of them. Lucas did great, but by the end he was getting very tired and was very ready to go home. We enjoyed seeing family! Thank you everyone who got Lucas and us gifts! We very much appreciate them. Today we are cleaning up and finding places for everything. Lucas has a lot of new toys and I might be soon kicked out of my office because it will be overtaken by toys. Here are some pictures of our christmas, christmas with my parents and brother and sister in law and then a christmas with my dads family.

Christmas Part 1!

We’ve been very busy here getting all ready for christmas! Here are photos from the last few days and the first session of opening presents! I had fun dressing Lucas up in christmas outfits and taking pictures with the tree and presents! He was great during all of them. He has been sleeping and napping horribly, but he slept 12 hours last night! I woke up before him and had to check the monitor to make sure he was okay. I will post more pictures when I have time today. Thank you everyone for all the gifts!

Lots of Shopping

We went shopping today to get the last of the christmas stuff and get food for the next couple weeks. Lucas was a very good boy while we went to all the stores. He was happy he got some new shirts. When we got home he practiced climbing into cupboards while we put away groceries. img_4182img_4183img_4184

Wet day 

It’s been crappy weather here 🙁 it’s been wet, icy and cold. Today we went out to shovel before everything turned to ice. Lucas helped rob snowblow and I shoveled. Lucas loves being outside!  My mom was here for a couple days and we baked for Christmas. Lucas of course helped 🙂 rob is on vacation for 2 weeks!! We will just be hanging out around home. 

Lucas loves oranges which is fitting since they were my biggest craving while pregnant.

Growing boy! 

Lucas is much better! He is back to his normal self. He had his 9 month doctors appointment this morning and the doctor said he looks great! He is doing everything developmentally that he should be doing.  He weighs 23 pounds 8.5oz which is 94th percentile and is 30 inches tall which is 96th percentile! He’s grown quite a bit since his last appointment. He’s still in 18month clothes and now has a bit of room in them because he has slimmed out with getting taller. He’s taking a nap now because he wanted to wake up at 5 this morning. We had to miss swimming lessons because his appointment ran long 🙁 we have a few weeks until they start up again! Here are pictures from this weekend. 

He got tired of shopping

Getting Better!

Lucas seems to be getting a bit better. He only got up a couple times last night! He still has a fever but it’s now staying lower and only has spiked a couple times. He’s also acting more like himself. He was laughing, smiling, eating, and playing close to normal now.We both love having rob home! Lucas is hanging out with daddy this afternoon while I get some work done.  Here are some pictures from the last few days of the sick little boy. The pictures are from old to new. img_4104img_4105img_4106img_4107img_4108img_4114img_4115img_4116


I finally got a smile out of him yesterday!


He’s been really cuddly while sick which I have loved


He loves boxes