The blog posts have slowed down because we’ve been really busy and I haven’t had time to post. I will try to post a couple times a week. Lucas and I went with rob last week to New York and Lucas barley slept and definitely didn’t nap. We are now home and getting back into our routine. Today was swimming lessons and we had a great time. Lucas likes to be on the move and never sits still. 

Teeth Hurt

Lucas is still miserable from his teeth and has been sleeping and napping poorly 🙁 This weekend Rob was under the weather and had whatever I did. Lucas has not been enjoying swimming lessons as much as he did last session. They are at a different time which is usually his nap time which he doesn’t like. He has been pulling himself up onto everything and loves walking along furniture and with his walker. Today Lucas and I went to Burlington for something to do and do some shopping for him for Florida. He is finally not going through a size a month so I can buy a bit in advance. He still in mostly 18 month clothes. fullsizerender-8fullsizerender-9


He was helping me change his sheets



He loves to climb the stairs



Hasn’t quite figured out a spoon 🙂



Helping daddy build shelves



Fascinated by his baby swing



Getting into everything


loves to stand and climb!



Reorganizing mommy’s craft stuff.

Long week 

It’s been a long week so far. Lucas has been teething like crazy and it’s making him miserable and I got a 24 hour stomach bug yesterday that made me miserable. Rob was gone Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday so my mom came and watched Lucas while I didn’t leave bed much. Today we both seem to be doing much better! Hopefully nobody is sick here for a long time! 

Snack time!

Taking a nap with me while we were at my parents for the day

He’s so cute when he sleeps! He’s got a teething rash which is why his cheeks are so red.

Lots of pictures!

I have my phone back so I can now post pictures again! 

I wanted to see how he fit in his infant seat and the big boy is too big 🙂

Day we brought him home next to now

Not loving his ball pit

Now I can have hot coffee every morning!

I got a Cricut!

He’s grown so much over the last 10 know months


My phone is currently in for repairs so I haven’t been able to take many pictures this week. My phone will be back tomorrow so I will start posting again regularly. Rob went back to work this week so it’s been just Lucas and I during the day. Rob comes home in the evening since he’s working in Burlington. Lucas can now pull himself up to everything so nothing within his reach is safe anymore 🙂 He also now waves to everyone and everything. He’s been much happier than he was last week. Today we have our baby group for the first time in a month so we are excited to go to that! I will post again sometime this weekend.