Long week 

It was a long week here. Lucas slept horribly and had many temper tantrums due to the lack of sleep. Toward the end of the week his sleep and mood got much better! He became his happy self again! This week is a very busy week. We have something going on everyday. Monday’s Lucas now spends an hour with my dad while I go workout with a trainer and he actually doesn’t mind it much. We are taking a break from this swimming lessons this session because it’s now right during his nap time. On Wednesday we need to go to Burlington to get stuff for Lucas’s party Sunday! I can’t believe he’s already going to be one. It seems like he was only born a couple months ago! Saturday we have his year pictures taken, We have baby group twice and then Sunday is his small birthday party!

Hanging out with grandpa!

Eating bananas 🙂

Working out with me!

Helping swiffer 🙂

Having fun with faces while FaceTimeing with daddy!

Beautiful day for a walk!

He loves his Daniel tiger!

Having fun in his hammock I made with the wrap!


We had a great time in Florida! The weather was great and we did almost everything we wanted to do. Thank you Auntie Sharon for letting us stay with you! We stayed very busy with going to the zoo, aquarium, visiting with friends and family, swimming and lots of walks. We started off each day with a morning walk before we got going. Lucas loved being able to wear short sleeves and shorts and he never would keep on socks. We had a great time but we are happy to be home. Lucas was very tired for the flights so after lots of crying he finally passed out on me for cat naps. Lucas went right back to getting into everything right when we got home 🙂 We start again early tomorrow for a busy week. The first pictures are from Monday when we got lots of snow!



Sign I made for Christmas Stockings


A tornado went through his playroom!



On the plane all ready to go!


Cat napping on mommy


Ready for the flight to be done



Watching planes take off during our layover



The sun was in his eyes


He thought it was very warm


Morning walk!


He would sweat so much while he slept



Ready for the zoo




First time in the ocean!


Hermit Crab Lucasfullsizerender-21img_5267img_5269img_5270


Ready to fly home


Back home and getting into things again!


Best Friends

Luna and Lucas have become the best of friends. You rarely see them not together. Lucas has not started to give kisses more and Luna gets most of them 🙂 When Lucas is exploring the house Luna will be close by making sure he’s not getting into any trouble. Lucas loves to play with her toys and she plays with him. She is a very good dog with him. She’s not a fan of getting her eyes poked by him and she will walk away. I think they are going to be best friends going up and I’m sure they will get into trouble together when he’s on the move more! We had an enjoyable week with Rob working from home. We still kept busy. Lucas and I went to spend one afternoon with my parents for my dads birthday, we did lots of playing, swimming lessons and lots of cooking. We are getting excited about leaving for Florida on Tuesday! I’m very much looking forward to getting away from the negative degree weather we have been having. This weekend we will pack and I have lots of work to get done before leaving. fullsizerender-16fullsizerender-18img_4987img_4989img_4991img_4993img_4994img_5002img_5005img_5009img_5010img_5012img_5014img_5020

11 months! 

Lucas is 11 months today! We had an excellent week and he was happy all week slept and napped wonderfully! This weekend we have been on the go and he’s had bad naps and hasn’t been a happy camper. This week rob is working from home then next week we will be in Florida!