First steps! 

Lucas took his first steps yesterday which made my birthday great! Lucas started swimming lessons again yesterday morning. Rob brought him and said Lucas had a great time and was a social butterfly 🙂 rob left after lunch for Arizona for the week for training. My mom then came down and we went to the park and out to dinner. This week we have lots going on. 

Lucas didn’t want to be in his stroller anymore on our walk on Sunday

Cleaning is hard work!

Lucas and I put up his new playroom artwork this morning!

Catching Up!

A lot has been going on since Lucas and I got back from Florida. He has been keeping me busy by running  around the house with his walker. He seems like he is very close to walking! We had a fun time in Florida! We loved the sun and lack of snow. Lucas loved going in the ocean but he wasn’t a fan of sand (especially the taste). He did great on the flights to and from. We had a great Easter! Lucas loved playing with the empty Easter eggs more than the stuff he got. He got a couple new swim diapers, a silicone plate and bowl, and a book.  We start swimming lessons again on Monday! The pictures are in no specific order. DSCN0242DSCN0257DSCN0359DSCN0360DSCN0375DSCN0378IMG_0764IMG_5699IMG_5666IMG_5671IMG_5667IMG_5674IMG_5675IMG_57591491492114107IMG_5691IMG_5729IMG_5800IMG_5741IMG_5806IMG_5841IMG_5853IMG_5856IMG_5859IMG_5864IMG_58701492091319724IMG_5879IMG_5883IMG_5896IMG_5889IMG_5890IMG_5973IMG_5975IMG_5969IMG_59671492513604070IMG_5947IMG_5942IMG_5941IMG_5935IMG_5939IMG_5925IMG_5919IMG_5913IMG_5908IMG_5912IMG_5903

Early morning 

Lucas and I have a very early morning tomorrow. We have to wake up at 2:45am 🙁 we will be in Florida by lunch!! Lucas has been on the move lately. He hasn’t started walking yet but he gets everywhere he wants with his walker and crawling. His walker is his favorite toy! I haven’t taken many photos lately because he never stops moving. 

Trying out our new carrier while we put up the new bird feeder!

Both playing with Luna’s toys

Watching daddy snow blow 🙂