Great trip! 

We had a great trip to Michigan and Wisconsin! We love seeing everyone! We learned that from now on we are only going to drive that far at night 🙂 I got a new bike today so Lucas and I can go on bike adventures! When he wakes up from his nap we are going on our first one!  the pictures go from newest to oldest. 

Fun at the lake!

We spent the week at the lake with my whole family this week and we had a great time! We did our first family hike, lots and lots of swimming (Lucas is a little fish), kayaking (Lucas loved being captain), and playing! Lucas loved the water so much! Rob and him were in the lake pretty much all day. Lucas loved seeing his cousins and has now started giving everyone hugs 🙂 He also started climbing everything and can now climb out of his pack n play.  We have a week at home before we start our journey to Michigan and Wisconsin for a couple weeks! 

Lucas was jealous I was holding Daniel so he had to sit on my lap wet and naked from swimming 🙂

Hiking is hard work!

Lobster to end our week!