Lucas’s favorite answer to everything is now “no” and it’s so hard not to laugh sometimes because it’s so cute when he says it 🙂 Today everything has been no. He’s really been talking much more lately!


He decided it would be fun to dump his ball pit while I was working

Loving the snow!

Lucas has been loving all the snow we are getting! He helped rob shovel the other day and then yesterday he helped his papa shovel. Him and Luna are still the best of friends and love to cuddle together. We have been doing 25 books of Christmas were we unwrap a Christmas book every day and he loves it! He found his love of unwrapping so he decided to unwrap his presents under the tree when no one was in the room. The presents has to be moved 🙂


Lucas got a sink toy today that he loves! I’ve never seen a toy keep him so entertained! It even has running water. We now know what his job will be when he gets old enough to do real dishes! This weekend we did the Christmas trees and he had fun helping!