Lucas has been sick for a couple days so it’s been long days and nights here with him not sleeping well 🙁 today he was doing much better! Here are some pictures from the last week.

Making dinner is always interesting with Lucas around! 

Alligator wrangler! 

Sick little guy 🙁 

Busy day

We had a busy day of playgroup this morning and then library this afternoon! Lucas loved all the books he got about fire trucks, trains, and construction trucks at the library. He needed to read them right when we got home! He was super excited when the fire truck was outside the fire station across the street from the library! This morning he had story time with Luna while I got ready for the day.

Loves to read!

Lucas has been loving to read lately! We have started going to the library every week to get fun books to read and play in their play area! Yesterday he loved a book about a fire truck and another about a ferry! This morning we’ve already read a couple books! Rob has been traveling for a few weeks, but we’ve definitely been keeping busy with playgroups, library, and lots of playing! Next week we might try out the pool at the college in town!

Laundry helpers!