New friends

Lucas decided last night while we were at my parents that he loves their cats. He wanted them to sit with him and he loved holding them and petting them! He also has another friend he named moo who is a toy bird that hatched from an egg and grows in water that he got in this months book box. He needs moo to sit near him every meal time. He is definitely a funny little man!

Back home!

Lucas and I went with Rob to New York for a couple days when he was working there. The first night Lucas thought it would be fun to only sleep from 2-6 and he was laying on me those 4 hours. He loved going swimming and he was a very good boy even if he slept and napped poorly! We did a bit of shopping and got some stuff for Annabelle’s nursery and some clothes for her! Lucas is excited about his new Daniel tiger pjs!

I was his bed 🙂 definitely loved the cuddling though!

He was trying to put on his new pjs in the store!



Lucas and I really liked shopping for Annabelle!

It’s a Girl!!!

Annabelle Pauline Brugman is a very healthy baby girl! She looked great in the ultrasound and right now it appears she’s taking after her brother in size! The ultrasound took longer than expected because she was practicing her gymnastic skills the whole time! fullsizeoutput_2031


She already has big feet!



He was not happy!

So grown up

Lucas got his hair trimmed and he looks so much more grown up! He’s been loving having his dad home for the last couple weeks! He will have a hard time when he goes back to traveling for the next couple weeks.