Busy few weeks!

Lucas have been keeping very busy the last few weeks while rob has been traveling! We’ve had playgroups, walks everyday, swimming, lots of reading and playing, and today we checked out the science center in Burlington for the afternoon followed by Costco for pizza and shopping! Lucas loved playing at the science center, but was terrified of all the fish and wouldn’t even go near the tanks! He has been sleeping and napping wonderful the last couple weeks with all that we’ve been doing!

Our little maple leaf!

We had maple sugar house weekend so we went to visit a sugar house yesterday! Lucas loves maple syrup on his waffles, but wasn’t interested in sugar on snow at all. Friday he got new rain boots because his feet have grown 2 sizes and he now doesn’t want to take them off!


Lucas and I got out for a nice afternoon walk in the sunshine yesterday! He might look mad in the photo of him in the stroller, but he was busy looking at a truck and the sun was in his eyes. We are going again this afternoon! We did lots of playing this morning! He was channeling his inner cat and tried to sit in everything.

Too much snow!

When he woke up from his nap he started reading to his baby Charlie! It was so cute! 

Annabelle is definitely getting big in there! I can no longer see my feet 

He was not happy at me for sitting down 


Lucas has molars coming in that are making him miserable, but we still had a good day. He loved going to playgroup and playing here! We also did tons of reading! Rob left this morning for the week and Lucas actually took it quite well. We had a good couple of weeks with him home!