Fun day!

Lucas had a fun day with papa while I had to go get my glucose test done. They went shopping and exploring outside and he loved it! He’s been napping for almost 3 hours everyday this week! He wakes up very crabby though probably because he missed out on so much of the day.

Feeling better!

We are all feeling better! Rob left yesterday for a conference in Chicago for the week. Lucas and I have a busy week planned. He has definitely entered the terrible twos and has no less than 10 temper tantrums a day. He is a very stubborn little boy. We finally got to go back to playgroup after being sick all last week and he had lots of fun! We had a nice walk this afternoon!

He loves to cuddle and be read to! He was mad he had to close the door.

Getting better

The whole house got a nasty stomach bug this week. First Lucas then rob and then when they were all better I got it. They are back to feeling normal and I’m getting there. Today we got out for a short walk and it felt nice to get out even if it was cold and very windy.

The sick little man passed out on our way to go for a walk. 

He wanted silly hair! 

Bike riding when he was feeling better!

Trying out the new double stroller with Annabelle’s car seat. He loves the stroller! 

Sick little man

Lucas isn’t feel well at all today 🙁 we’ve had a lazy day of not really doing anything. I hate seeing my little man sick 🙁 here are the pictures from the last couple of days when he was feeling well! In the bike pictures he insisted on wearing my bike helmet.

Sick little man 🙁 

A holder I made to go on the wall of Annabelle’s room to hold all her headbands! 

Happy Easter!

Yesterday we did easter at my parents with my brother Curt’s family. Lucas loved seeing Brooke and Dan and loved playing with Brooke! They are the same size now, but a year and a half apart. Lucas did his first easter hunt and loved it! It was impossible to get them all to the look at the same for the pictures because they were concerned with what was in their eggs! Lucas was a lot happier than he looked! This morning when we got up Lucas had a small easter basket waiting for him! He got a soft stuffed bunny and some bath bombs since he loves baths! We are going out for breakfast this morning and then are going for a walk this afternoon while the weather is nice! Happy easter!