Sunny day fun!

We had a very warm day here! Had a nice morning walk that involved Lucas kissing trees. This afternoon we got his pool set up and he loved it! He needed someone in there with him so dada did while I sat in the sun watching them.

Loves to play and read!

Today was a beautiful day here so we went for a walk this morning and Lucas needed to bring a book to read. He’s loves to look at books and to be read to all the time! This afternoon was a hot one so he played in his water table and his kid pool will be here tomorrow for more hot weather to come! He’s like his dad though and isn’t a huge fan of the heat and came in after an hour. I normally love the heat, but this year I’m feeling the same as them.

Long day

Last night we had our resident fox family playing in the backyard and they were very cute! There is a mama fox and 3 babies living somewhere down the hill. This morning we went for a nice walk in the very humid weather. Lucas had to bring his mower and after our walk he had to mow the path 🙂 Lucas was excited that his papa was watching him this afternoon while I had my long afternoon of appointments. Annabelle is still looking great, but is likely going to come a couple weeks before her due date. Lucas was excited for us to get home this evening and waited at the window.


It was a nice day here today so Rob and Lucas went for a bike ride and I walked. Lucas loved it! This afternoon we went shopping and lucas loves watching the trucks and cars on the highway below at the Chipotle parking lot. His new way to shop Costco is by having to have a couple bananas.

Last couple days

Lucas spent yesterday with his nana and papa while I had doctor appointments all day. He loved hanging out in their camper. This morning Lucas and I had fun taking funny pictures before going for a nice walk. This afternoon rob got the bike trailer hooked up to his bike and I only managed to make it around the block before needing to turn back. I will leave the bike riding to them this summer and Annabelle and I will just walk!

Lots of playing!

We had a great weekend! Yesterday we went for a long drive and found a nice park to play at on the way! Today was a very nice Mother’s Day! Lucas had a lazy morning in bed while rob and I cleaned the house. I got some gardening in during nap time. I still had a ton to do so that’s my plan for every nap time this week.