Lucas is spending the day with my parents and they brought him to a parade and he loved it! Rob is getting some stuff done around the house and Annabelle and I are staying in the nice air conditioned house. We have figured joy she doesn’t like to be warm and sleeps much better at night in just a short sleeved onesie! She is definitely like her brother and dada! Lucas was sad to leave her this morning and wanted her to come with him.

Good day

We went on our first adventure to Burlington this afternoon to get dinner and go to a few stores. Both Lucas and Annabelle did really well! Lucas also thinks I’m the only one who can hold Annabelle. I asked him if dada could hold her and he said “no, only mama does.” He is starting to talk so much more and has increased his words so much in the last week!

Lucas went and got his blanket and went and laid next to Annabelle

Annabelle does not look amused about getting photos taken

Lucas wanted to hold her hand while they were both getting diaper changes 🙂

Good to be home!

Lucas loves his baby sister so much! He loves holding her and when she looks at him. We had her first doctors appointment this afternoon and she looked great! Last night was a long night because it appears she has her days and nights mixed. We went to playgroup this morning and had lots of fun.

Annabelle Pauline!

Miss Annabelle Pauline entered the world last night at 7:11pm! It was slow going at first but then she wasn’t going to wait and everything went very quickly! She is a healthy little girl. She weighs 8 pounds 3.6 ounces and is 21 inches. Lucas visited her today and loved her. He was very upset having to leave her and wanted to leave her one of his trucks to play with 🙂 we should be cleared to go home tomorrow!


Lucas has been proclaiming his love of pizza all day. He has been asking for it every meal, so we told him he could have it this weekend. It was a nice day here today so we went for a walk this morning and then to the park this afternoon.

37 Weeks!

Lucas was very excited this morning when dada was the one to get him up! He got home from a week of away after Lucas went to bed last night. Had our baby appointments this afternoon and Annabelle is still looking good! Only one more appointment next week until I’m induced. 10 days left! My parents watched Lucas while we were at the doctors and he found his new ride while we were gone. This weekend is suppose to be a hot one so there will be lots of swimming done at the pool where my parents are camping!