5 Months and early Christmas!

Annabelle is 5 months! She is the happiest little girl who rarely ever cries and always smilies! She has been only waking up 1-2 times at night which has been amazing! She sleeps in her own room now and her sleep instantly got better. She’s getting so big too! She’s around 27 inches and a bit under 18 pounds. We had my family Christmas this morning and she missed half of it because she took a great 2 hour nap. Lucas loved getting a train and then playing with it with Brooke. Luna had a great time too because my brothers dog Benji came and played with her. She is still passed out from all the running around.

She kept wanting to eat her bunny.

How pictures go lately! She is a silly little girl

Annabelle was supervising

She was so interested in this toy that spins around 

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’ve had a fun couple of days visiting with family! Lucas has loved playing with his cousins Brooke and Daniel! He went sliding for the first time and had a blast! Tomorrow we have a early Christmas so the cousins can open presents today since they aren’t together for Christmas.

The deer in the backyard and Lucas was convinced it was one of Santa’s reindeer and yelled Santa’s coming!

Watching Lucas slide down the hill! She slept most of the time we were outside. 

Papa was Lucas’s ride up the hill 


Making snow angles with papa 

Lucas had just woken up from his nap but we are all looking at the camera! 

Lots of playing!

Lucas is finally getting more gentle with Annabelle. He loves to read to her and shows her all the pictures. Annabelle’s personality is starting to come out! She is a very happy little girl who loves to smile, laugh, play, watch Lucas, pull off glasses and pull hair. She has been rolling over great, starting to sit up on her own, and attempting to crawl. It’s been very cold and snowy here this week.

Rolling over!

Annabelle has been rolling over a lot more this week! She loves watching Lucas and always smiles at him! She even smiles at him when he’s pinching her cheeks or her thighs. Lucas loves to listen to music this week so he can sing and dance! His favorite song is wheels on the bus and we listen to it at least 50 times a day. He has dance moves for the whole song as shown in a video below!