Playing together

Lucas loves when Annabelle will play with him. She really just lays next to him and plays with toys, but he loves it. Yesterday and today we made caves in the living room and Lucas loved it. Annabelle had her 6 month appointment today and she was not a happy camper with her shots. Her thighs definitely hurt so she got a warm bath and that helped. She took a 3 hour nap today! Hopefully everyone sleeps well tonight!

New pictures for the picture wall!

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great Christmas here! Lucas was so excited when he got up this morning and Santa had came and ate his cookies , drank the milk, and the reindeer ate the carrots! The store had special reindeer carrots! He loved his garbage truck that Santa got him and also loves the doll Santa got Annabelle. He made sure she was fed, well rested, and had a clean diaper all day! It was hard work because he also had to do the same for his doll Charlie. Neither of them really needed much so it was a small Christmas, but they both loved the couple toys they got and have already read a few of the books! This afternoon my parents came down and we did Christmas with them. They got Lucas a doctor kit and he made sure to give everyone checkups all night. It was a wonderful Christmas!

Diaper change

I wouldn’t let her eat paper anymore and almost nap time

Yummy box

The aftermath

Tired little girl

More diaper changes

He didn’t want to take pictures

6 months!!

Annabelle turned 6 months yesterday! We had a busy day so I didn’t get to post anything. Lucas was excited to go to Nana and Papas to see uncle Nick, aunt Abby, and Benji! We then had my dads  family Christmas and we all had a good time! img_0108img_4531

He loves this picture viewer that he got!

Tired girl. She slept in the carrier for almost an hour!

Helping Great Papas girlfriend Diane open presents

Her cute new pants!

Playing with Lucas’s firetruck while he was napping!

She started on the blanket, but rolled over to the toys!


We have to get the van serviced today and do some shopping for Christmas so Lucas went to Nana and Papas for the day. They brought him to a playgroup this morning to see Santa and he was so excited to see Santa and was in awe that Santa knew my parents names! He also saw farmer Stan who we say is his boss at the farm. He talks about him all the time! Annabelle can’t wait until she’s old enough to go on fun adventures! She gets to come with us shopping since she still refuses bottles! We took a break from solids because they didn’t agree with her belly and we tried again last night and she was so excited to eat again that she overate and had an upset belly part of the night 🙁 she’s feeling all better now! She currently is taking a nap and it’s been over 2 hours! She never takes these naps when I want to take a nap! Yesterday we went for a walk for the first time in the ski stroller and it didn’t go well since Lucas kept waking up Annabelle so she was a very unhappy girl which made Lucas unhappy.

Farmer Stan

Fun day!

Lucas had a fun day with Papa and went to do his farm chores and then went to a playgroup where he had tons of fun! Annabelle helped Rob and I clean around the house and played. Everyday Annabelle gets more and more fascinated by Lucas and just loves to watch him. She laughs at him when he has temper tantrums. 

She’s really trying to crawl!

Her favorite teether! Lucas always wants it too

She’s getting so much better at sitting up unassisted! 

She was hiding behind her dress 

She didn’t last long in the cart before getting annoyed with Lucas 

He loves playing trains! 

How pictures go most of the time! 

She’s so proud of her teeth! 

Happy little girl

Annabelle is the happiest little girl! She always has a smile on her face! We think she’s starting to get her top teeth. Today she had lots of fun playing while Lucas took a 4 hour nap! She took a 2 hour nap too!

She watches Lucas wherever he goes! She always smiles at him even when he’s picking on her! 


Little Helper

Lucas and Rob are finally all better! Lucas spent time with Papa and had fun going to the barn and feeding the animals. My mom came down and spent the day and Lucas, Nana, Annabelle, and I broke out the new play tea set and had a tea party. He loves tea parties! Today we went with my parents to get their tree and Lucas needed to bring his tool box and saw to help cut down the tree. It was adorable. My parents then watched Lucas and Annabelle while Rob and I got dinner alone for the first time since Annabelle was born. Annabelle was not impressed with me not being there and was very happy when I got back. She still doesn’t want anything to do with bottles so we weren’t gone long.

Helping me make oatmeal


My favorite outfit that Lucas had so Annabelle needs to wear it too!

She gives great kisses!

Watching me workout

After 8 wake ups between the 2 they were still happy

Yummy feet!

Prepared to cut down the tree!

Getting better!

Lucas got sick Wednesday and gave it to Rob and I. Annabelle managed to escape it. Lucas and Rob had it the worst. We are all finally starting to get better! Here are pictures from before we were sick and some of Annabelle being cute today while Lucas was napping! Annabelle has been kinda crabby lately because her first two teeth have finally poked through.

He always needs to go say hi to the lobsters

Lucas’s advent calendar treat was hot chocolate and whipped cream and he loved it!

Annabelle got an activity center and loves it so far! 

Chili night! 

Trying out how they both fit in the stroller! 

Kinda tight with the buntings 

Eating dada’s shoulder! 

She loves her avocados!

Frozen teether for her gums

My laundry helper! 

Playing while Lucas was sleeping!

Everything must go in her mouth

Playing with the Christmas tree 

Our week!

We had a snow storm here this week that made our power go off for a day and then flicker for another so Lucas, Annabelle, Luna, and I spent a couple days at my parents. Rob was traveling. Today we went to the North Pole express train ride and Lucas absolutely loved it! Annabelle did too until she passed out. Lucas loved seeing Santa and the elves and wants Santa to bring him a truck. He’s really interested in Santa this year. Here are some pictures of our week. Annabelle is getting her first set of teeth, but is still happy. she has had solid food a couple times and loves them and gets mad when someone is eating and she’s not.