The Nugget!

Lucas got an early birthday present in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa today! It needs to come out of the box right when it arrives so it would have been hard to hide until his birthday. It’s called the Nugget and it’s “Part-furniture, part-toy, and all-around the best thing to happen to playtime since, well, ever.” Lucas absolutely loves it already! He’s played with it since it arrived including all of speech! His speech therapist even loved it! Annabelle even got to play with it after Lucas went to bed.

It’s been a jump, fort, dumpster, blue Subaru (his favorite thing to do with it) and a ramp for his garbage truck. He loves taking his blue Subaru to the UPS store and dropping off packages and then to the grocery store to get some groceries and he always has to call mama to say he’s on his way home. The Nugget offered so much fun today and really made Lucas use his great big imagination!

Today his speech therapist said that Lucas’s language skills are now appropriate for his age! In October his evaluation said that he was 11-14 months delayed in speech. He has come so far since then! We are still going to continue speech until they say that he doesn’t need it anymore.


Potty training!

Lucas has decided that he is fully ready to potty train and since Monday he has only had to wear a pull-up at night and hasn’t had any accidents!! He even spent all of Wednesday with Papa and didn’t have any accidents! He also got told at speech that if he was evaluated now he wouldn’t even qualify for speech! He has come so far in the 4 months since he started speech! 

Taking apart Lucas’s train track when he was napping. He was not happy when he got up.

Him and his little friend after they went to playgroup and out to lunch.

Trying to drink my coffee and I get all 3 of them on me somehow.

She loves her avocados!

Fun week!

She loves to roll and scoot herself everywhere! She’s never in the same place as you leave her anymore! 

He always wants to hold her again! 

He needed to come out and help me shovel the walkway and porch and wouldn’t have anything to do with snow pants or mittens. 

Playing outside while Annabelle napped! 

She loves trucks! 

Picking out which truck to play with! 

They were actually playing nicely next to each other! 

Luna waits patiently by her high chair to pick up any food she drops. 

Good big brother!

Today at the grocery store Lucas needed to push her in the cart and he did great at going slow and consoling her when she got crabby. He was then such a big help at putting things in the cart and checking out. He loved playing outside today in the fresh snow! Since starting speech 4ish months ago he has come so far in his talking! He has been putting together pretty long sentences lately! He gets more confident with his talking everyday which is also making him want to be more independent everyday. Annabelle is trying so hard to crawl, but has been going backward instead of forward. She has gotten very good at rolling everywhere to get into things. Her favorite foods are chicken and prunes!