8 months (a day late)

Only 4 more months until she’s a year 😮 A lot happened this month she got her top front 2 teeth, started to crawl, learned how to wave, started transitioning to 2 naps (which means the kids don’t nap at the same time anymore 😭), started to only wake up 1-2 times a night and has started playing a ton! She loves to play on the ground but is also very content being held. She does not like when I leave the room unless she’s with dada. If neither of us is there she cries the whole time. She loves watching Lucas, but really isn’t a fan of his yelling and boy is he loud lately. She loves all food she tries, but she refuses to be fed with a spoon unless it’s her favorite yogurt which she devours. We are very much looking forward for spring when we can go outside and not be all bundled up!


Annabelle is getting better at crawling everyday! She is going to be an army crawler just like Lucas was. Lucas doesn’t like that she crawls now because she only likes to play with his toys.

Wishing summer was here! 

Our week!

We had a good week of playing! We went to the McDonald’s playplace for the first time and Lucas loved it! He had a play date here at home today and he kept saying he was so happy his friend came to his house 🙂 it was then time for nap and then speech so it was a busy day! We go to spend the morning with papa tomorrow for his birthday.

Starting to get better

Both the kids are starting to get better. Both have runny noses and coughs but they are much better than they were sounding. Robs gone this week and we normally like to stay busy, but this week we are going to rest and try to get the kids coughs to go away and hope I don’t get one.

The Nugget was his very own couch 

Helping me organize and switch out her clothes sizes. She is starting to go into 12 month clothes already 

Trying out her modeling poses 

We got outside today for the first time in a couple days and it was much needed! Lucas rode his bike so Annabelle got the stroller by herself until he wanted to get in with her. 

Croup :-(

Annabelle and I had to take a late night adventure to the ER last night because she was having trouble breathing. They gave her some steroids and kept her a bit for monitoring and said she has croup 🙁 she should be better in a few days. She’s not quite her happy self today and we need try to keep her calm so she doesn’t get into a coughing spell. She is taking a good nap while Rob brings Lucas to the dentist.