Finally getting nicer out!

We had a busy week and then a busy weekend with two house showings!

Messy eater! She loves yogurt mixed with peanut butter!

Being worn by dad so I could try on new shoes!

He was so excited to see this hot dog truck ride at the mall!

He loves that she can now ride in the cart with him!

Back to the farm!

Lucas was so happy when he got to visit the farm this morning (they were gone for a couple months)! While Lucas was with Papa Annabelle and I went to baby group for the first time in months. She got weighed and she’s now 21 pounds 11 ounces and I think around 29 inches. She’s smaller than Lucas was at this age, but not by much. She’s fully in 12 month clothes and the summer clothes I got her in 18 months aren’t super big.

9 months!

A couple days early but here are Annabelle’s 9 month pictures! She is still a happy little girl, but now she is a horrible sleeper who only likes to sleep curled up with me. Her little personality shows more each day and she now tells Lucas to get away from her by yelling at him. She loves being held all the time so she has lots of time in the carrier. She has 2 more teeth coming in which is one of the reasons she’s sleeping badly. She will now have 6 teeth! Here are pictures from our week!

Lucas thought it was so funny when Annabelle’s shirt got stuck on her head!

I’m stuck!

Laundry helper!

Lucas wanted Luna to sleep with him!

She loves her baby!

St Patrick’s Day!

Bike helmet family!

Sunny day!

It was 57 and sunny today! We had the realtors taking pictures of the house and Rob had a dentist appointment so the kids and I went for a walk since it was beautiful out! Both kids loved the walk until an ambulance went by with its lights on and scared Annabelle. Lucas loved the ambulance! I found Lucas’s headphones last night so now he always wants to listen to music with them, but I did occupy him the whole walk! We ate lunch in the car since it was raining at the time and Lucas for some reason thought it was “a very nice lunch” I guess he thinks a turkey sandwich is very nice when you get to eat it in the car.

New snowsuit

Annabelle and Lucas already got their snowsuits for next year! They are big on them now but they should be perfect next winter! Lucas went and spent the day with Nana and Papa while we had a meeting with the new realtors for the house. They went to playgroup and then out to lunch with his friend.

She loves her yogurt!

Playing with new presents from his birthday!

Pictures from this week!

Lunch with Nana!

He loves that we got matching hats!

He looks so grown up!

Lately she only wants to be held so she’s been in the carrier a lot.

The Nugget was a school bus and his babies were the passengers.

Annabelle’s new ride! She was too crowded in the bike trailer with Lucas so we got her a seat of her own.