Busy spring days!

Now that the weather is nice we have been trying to get outside everyday and both the kids love it! Lucas would spend the whole day outside if he could. We have been busy house hunting the last couple weeks, but haven’t found anything that would fit our family comfortably 🙁 Lucas has been happy that he’s has been able to get back to his farm chores! He went there today and had a great time! Annabelle got into the sitting position all by herself today for the first time and was so proud of herself! She is still a happy little girl who loves to laugh and smile! She is slowly liking to sleep more, but still not much. She has 8 teeth now and likely to randomly bite peoples toes. Lucas had his preschool screening yesterday and he was so excited to go and we even had to leave early even if we live 3 minutes away! He was a bit shy when he first got there, but did open up! He starts after Labor Day and will go Monday and Wednesday’s from 7:30-3:30! Annabelle won’t know what to do without her brother. My little guy is growing up fast. We are getting ready for a very busy summer of either moving or doing some house renovations if we decide to stay here for a few more years! We have lots of stuff planned on the weekends and they start this weekend with a touch a truck event that Lucas can’t wait for! Next week is a train ride and then we see Daniel tiger live and I can’t wait to see how much he loves all the things! We also want to go for as many family bike rides as we can!

My handsome man getting me some birthday flowers while he was with papa!

She choose lettuce over her peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Raccoon on the house next door while we were house hunting!

My birthday flowers!

Such a good big brother!

At our favorite park! We met some new friends yesterday!

Using the walker a little more each day!

She was so proud she got into the sitting position all by herself for the first time!


We had a great Easter! We started the day with Easter baskets and an Easter egg hunt! Lucas didn’t even care that the eggs were empty because he just loved finding them! We then when for our first whole family bike ride and everyone had a great time! When we got home we played outside until my parents got her and the kids got to enjoy another Easter basket!

Lucas got some books and some new bath toys!

Annabelle got a new bunny and a couple books!

Finding eggs!

Checking out her new books!

He’s been asking for this book for Easter for months and was so happy when he got it!

Trying on her sunglasses for the first time!

Stopped to play at a park on our bike ride!

Early Easter!

We had a great early Easter with my family today! Lucas loved playing with his cousins and had so much fun doing an Easter egg hunt! Annabelle wasn’t so sure of everyone, but loved hanging out with her aunt Abby!

The Cousins!

He really wasn’t so sure of the chocolate

Hanging with Aunt Abby!

He loves his cousin Brooke!

The Easter bunny must really like books!

Bike ride!

Lucas loved seeing the Easter bunny and his cousin Brooke and Daniel today! While he was up there we went for Annabelle’s first bike ride and she loved it! Here a pictures from our adventures of the week! Lucas spent a day having adventures with Papa, while Annabelle, Luna, and I went for a walk while there was a house showing. Annabelle took a snooze on the walk. Luna looked at me like I was trying to kill her because 3 miles was too far for her.

Taking a nap

Lucas and Papa went on an adventure and one of the neighbors invited them in to see all his equipment. He did love it even if his face doesn’t look like it

He said he was climbing the tree

Trying out her new travel high chair!

Happy little girl!

He loved that the bunny had a tail like Daniel tiger!

Love the new bike rack!

Investigating a woodchuck hole!

Lucas the singer!

Annabelle is working on more teeth and is not a happy little girl the last couple days, but she is when Lucas sings to her! She will have 8 teeth now! I can’t believe how far Lucas has come with his speech! In October he had an 11-14 month delay, but now is completely age appropriate and even a bit above on his vocabulary! Last week we got told that he could stop going to speech since he’s all caught up, but since he loves it so much he will keep going until the end of the school year.

It was cold and windy, but we wanted to get some time outside!

Lucas loves his bike!

Luna wanted in on the fun

Hanging out in the cave we made!

Best laundry helper around!

Annabelle gets very into helping me do laundry lately! Lucas used to love to do the exact same thing, but now he actually does help me put it all away! He is such a big helper and great big brother! Today he kept telling Annabelle it was okay and not to be scared of the car wash because it’s not scary and it would be done soon 🙂 it was the cutest thing 😊 Lucas got to play outside a lot again today which he loved! This week is going to be a rainy one.

70 Degrees!

It’s the warmest day of 2019. We got the winter tires off the van and decided to test the bikes. Both Annabelle and Lucas were happy to be out.

Yesterday wasn’t quite as nice, but we did manage to get a walk in with some friends.

And Annabelle got a new spoon and decided she wanted to teach herself how to eat yogurt.

Laundry helper!

She loves to pull off her socks so she can put them in her mouth