Daniel tiger!

Lucas had a blast at Daniel tiger live this week! He sang and danced the whole time! After that Rob left for NYC for the weekend for work so the kids and I went and hung out at my parents. It was a long busy week. Hopefully the weather gets nicer soon so we can spend more time outside and not freeze.

Taking a nap on our walk!

A robin wanted my wreath on the door for a nest

Always a great laundry helper

He was so excited to see Daniel tiger!

Lucas got a stuffed Daniel and he wanted to get katarina kitty cat for Annabelle! She stayed with my mom.

Giving Rufus (the stuffed dog) a bath

Train ride!

Tired little girl on the train ride! She can fall asleep just about anywhere as long as she is on me

First time having lasagna and she loved it!

My beautiful Mother’s Day flowers!

Tired little man on the way home from the train ride

Lots going on!

We had a great week and weekend of play dates, touch a truck, bike rides, lots of playing and new glasses! Lucas now has to wear glasses because he has Exotropia in one eye and the glasses are the first step to helping it. We go back in 4 months to see if it’s gotten any better. He does very well keeping in his glasses. He picked them out himself! We went to a touch a truck yesterday and Lucas had so much fun! His favorite truck was the garbage truck!

The babies checking out what’s in the cupboards!

Morning story time!

He is at the age now that he loves the play kitchen!

His glasses are adorable!

Cheese snack while grocery shopping!

The bike ride must have been too exciting for her!