Birthday girl!

Our happy little girl is one year old today! It does not seem like it’s been a year since she was born at all. She is the happiest little girl who is getting a very big personality! She is always smiling unless you make her mad and then she will let you know. Lucas makes her mad the most. Her nickname is Stinkerbelle because she is always getting into something and is so quiet when she does it so you don’t even know that’s she’s doing it. She doesn’t have much interest in trying to walk yet, but does pull up on everything and walk with her walker. She loves music and dancing just like Lucas. Her favorite food is fruit! She’s on one nap a day and sleeps mostly through the night! She greets you each morning and nap time with a smile and a laugh! She loves to cuddle. She’s smaller than Lucas was at one by a couple pounds. She’s 24 lbs, 9oz and 31 inches which is 96th percentile for both. Today we had friends over this morning while their parents packed to get ready to move next week and we all had a great time!

Birthday party!

We had a birthday party for Annabelle today and she had lots of fun eating her cupcake and opening presents! Lucas definitely thought the presents were for him. I can’t believe my little girl is going to be one tomorrow 😭 This morning I painted the porch door so the porch is now complete! here are pictures from today and from our fun week.


Doctor Lucas

Doctor in training

Annabelle’s contribution to helping me make dinner

My little helper! He was a builder, fire fighter, doctor, and cake maker.

Stitches are out!

Lucas did a great job at the doctors getting his stitches out! The doctor said his cut is healing up very nicely. We spent most of the day outside today enjoying the beautiful weather with a walk this morning and then a visit to the park after the doctors. Lucas is getting more daring at the park which is making me a bit anxious, but I let him try all the things he wants to. Tomorrow is the last nice day before a few days of rain so we will go for another walk and then do some playing outside. Tonight the resident baby foxes came into the yard and Lucas was so excited and wanted to go say hi and when they started to play he ran to get his boots because he wanted to play games with them. He was sad when he couldn’t play with them.

Eventful week

Wednesday morning Lucas and I spent the morning in urgent care because he was running in the garage and tripped and went face first and cut open his eyebrow. He did great he whole time getting stitches and was really excited to finally get to go to nana and papas (that’s where we were going to when it happened) and get ice cream for being such a brave boy. We had to leave before Annabelle was even up, but she did great with my mom the whole morning. The rest of the week was thank goodness less eventful. Today we went and got Lucas’s 3 year photos and Annabelle’s 1 year photos done and they should be so cute! Lucas smiled the whole time! Annabelle was so not so sure what was happening. We should get them back in a few weeks, but did get an adorable sneak peek photo! This afternoon we went for a very nice playground and played at Lucas’s favorite train park.

Hot weather fun!

The camping season has started so Lucas is so excited to visit nana and papa at the campground and ride his bike everywhere! He made lots of friends while there! Last week Lucas visited the farm and had a great time! This weekend was in the 80s so rob and I painted the porch and I did a bunch of gardening. Lucas hung out a the campground and Annabelle was our little helper. Yesterday we had some fun with the sprinkler and with the water table! Annabelle is climbing on everything now and loves to explore. She is a very happy baby and has been sleeping through that night! She’s also a great helper with laundry. Lucas loves helping with everything!

Helper rearrange her diapers

His favorite pink car is getting a bit small for him

Chilling in her shade while I plant some new plants