Fun days!

Yesterday we went to see farm animals, camels, and alpacas and today we went to Storyland and Lucas got to see Daniel tiger! We’ve had a great couple of days and are ready for a couple of down days before the fair near our house starts Friday!

Sunny days!

It has been beautiful weather here so today I bought some more plants to finally be done planting new plants in the flower beds! Annabelle helped me during Lucas’s nap time. She had the easier part of the job though because she was lounging in the pool under an umbrella in the shade. She was such a big helper and just played with her toys the whole time I was planting! Lucas was jealous when he woke up and found Annabelle outside in the pool. The next couple days are rain so the plants will get a good watering! We are all definitely enjoying summer here!

This weekend Lucas had the task of walking the dogs and he loved it!

Loves to dance!

There was dancing at the campground tonight and Lucas loved it! He needed to be there right at the beginning and wore himself out before people started coming. People were very impressed with his dance moves. Annabelle loved the music too!