Fun week!

This week was busy and fun! We did the corn maze, explored a new park, had preschool orientation, went to the zoo, and played a lot! Lucas loved his preschool orientation! He has 8 other kids in his class. Almost all are boys. His favorite part of the time was playing on the playground. Today we went to the zoo and had a great time! The kids and I even got a season pass since it’s open in the winter and it’s something fun to do! Lucas’s favorite part is a slide. I like that part too because there are comfy chairs around the slide and I can sit for a minute while he slides. Annabelle just hangs in the stroller people watching and not much caring for the animals. Since it’s back to school time the zoo wasn’t busy which was nice for my first solo trip there with the kids.

Corn maze

Rob went back to work today after being on vacation for 3 weeks so the kids and I went on an adventure to make him leaving not so bad for them. We went to a corn maze and then to feed some cows and goats. Lucas loved choosing the directions in the maze and Annabelle loved touching the corn! Lucas was so excited to feed the animals. We have a busy week planned with more adventures!

Fall day

It felt like a nice fall day today so we went for a walk/bike ride this morning and then decorated for fall this afternoon! Lucas loved helping me pick out decorations this years. He is the reason why we have so many scarecrows. This week Lucas has his meet and greet at school and then school starts next Wednesday! He’s so excited to start!

Trying on his new pants that he picked out and they are a size 6 because he’s so tall!