First day of Preschool!

Lucas had a great first day of school! Here are some pictures from today and from the last week.

She picked a green tomato and just started eating and ate the whole thing!

Annabelle’s first trip to the cider mill!

Checking out his new backpack!

Annabelle and I went to a friends house while Lucas was at school

2 thoughts on “First day of Preschool!

  1. How exciting , The first day of preschool “just drop me off at the door mom, I’ll be fine”!!! Those were Roberts words to me …..and the rest is history 😊❤️!!!! No, I didn’t do that but I remember those words like it was yesterday I’m so glad Lucas had a great day. He will do so well with school, and it’ll be great that he meets some friends his age, and learns how to interact with other others. I’m so happy for Lucas, and for both of you It’s a big step in his life, ❤️

  2. First day of school for Lucas…he looks pretty excited…and while he was busy at school Annabelle had the run of the house and it seemed different st home.!!! Thanks for the new pictures..loved all of them..take care and keep us posted,,,
    Love from G’ma 💌

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