First school cold

We had a busy week! School, science museum, first time coming home sick :-(, walk through the woods with nana, and story stroll with friends. Lucas has a cold and he didn’t sleep well the night before and was tired so he came home early. He’s now back to normal besides stuffy. We’ve had a great time doing some exploring this week now that the weather is cooler! It’s starting to definitely look like fall. We are all looking forward to rob getting home today! Halloween at the campground this weekend! Oh we went apple picking for the first time of the year last weekend!

2 thoughts on “First school cold

  1. What fun pictures!!! The children’s museum you were at looks like so much fun. I’m glad school is going well for Lucas. I think this is just one of many colds he will get being in school. Temperatures are starting to be fall. You’ve got lots of home improvements coming up in October Before you know it, it’ll be Halloween, thanksgiving, then Christmas Time is just going by so fast. Enjoy your nice fall days. Love and miss you all. Xoxo 😘❤️❤️❤️

  2. Love all the new pictures…but would like to hear a little more about Lucas in school….how is he liking it..making some new chums…does Annabelle miss him ? What days does he go to school. ? Anyway keep the updates coming…we have had a gorgeous week of ‘summer’ but it will be coming to an end…rain and cooler tomorrow night…then probably SNOW by next week. (Just kidding….I hope) 🤪

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