Lots going on

It’s been a busy start of fall here at the Brugman house. We’ve gone to the zoo, Halloween at the campground, school, hikes, first overnight without the kids since Annabelle was born, surviving 8 teeth coming in and more! Lucas is starting to get used to school. He loves Spanish and music class. He prefers to play by himself over with other kids while in class, but he does like to play with kids on the playground. Annabelle has had a rough week with 8 teeth coming in including 4 molars. She had her 15 month appointment and she is 26 pounds and 32.5 inches tall. She’s already moving into 24 month clothes. The weather is getting cooler so we have lots planned before the snow comes!

2 thoughts on “Lots going on

  1. Pretty excited to see all the new pictures..and the updates on all the new things going on.. Annabelle is getting so big and is going to take off walking real soon…then there will be two little ones to chase after..sounds like it has been a busy fall for you…how is the house remodeling going…( the downstairs projects) …I am pretty much settled and am very happy here. Weather is starting to feel very much like fall…cool/rainy …with a few nice days thrown in every now and then..Auntie Sharon stopped in yesterday for a visit…and to check out my new place..she approved…she complained about the road construction coming into town….two roundabouts between Best Buy and Walmart…it’s quite the mess…phase one to be completed soon…phase two will be next year…anyway…it’s been interesting…not much else new in this area…ag sin thanks for the pictures and updates…take care and love to all

  2. Let’s try this again!!! Love all the new pictures 😘Annabelle is getting so big. She’s no longer an baby, shes a toddler, and sweet, as sweet can be 💕💕💕💕. She appears tinge a climber too 😊, Chairs just make getting to reach things, so much easier 😊❤️
    Then we have Mr Lucas. Love he’s so adventurous Makes Grama a little nervous, to see a lion or whatever, on the other side of the glass Then painting project was the best. I remember doing that with the boys 😊
    (I know
    they’re all saying, “we never did that”), yes they did the lease keep the pictures coming. We ALL, so enjoy them hugs and kisses to those darlings xoxo😊❤️❤️❤️

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