Happy thanksgiving!

Happy late thanksgiving! We had a very low key day and just did lots of decorating for Christmas! We now have 4 Christmas trees! Only 2 are up this year, but when the basement is done we will have them all up! Lucas and Annabelle loved helping decorate. In the last week there has been lots of play dates and fun! Today we went and did some shopping and now are going home for a nice weekend. Tomorrow we have Christmas pictures tomorrow and then thanksgiving at my parents Sunday. The work on the basement starts Monday!


Lots going on here, which is why it takes me so long to post now. The kids keep us very busy along with house projects starting and the holiday season coming. Everyone is doing great! Lucas loves school and is doing well in it! Annabelle is a happy little girl who loves to laugh, smile, cuddle, walk, and climb everything! The house projects are starting in the house. The kitchen was painted yesterday and it’s beautiful! The basement starts in a couple weeks. I am excited for Christmas decorating, but I’m told I can’t do it until after thanksgiving! I’ve added 7 new village pieces this week so I’m exited to put those up! It’s been very snowy and cold here and we’ve already had to test out the battery backup because of a day long power outage due to a wind storm. Here a lots of pictures of our last month! Snow, science museum with papa, tv time with boulder, birthday parties, and lots of playing!