Merry Christmas!!

It’s been a great slow Christmas morning here! Lucas got up at 6 and we watched Christmas shows in bed until Annabelle woke up. The kids loved all their presents from Santa and family! Annabelle’s favorite part was putting wrapping paper in the trash can. Lucas and I have been sick for a couple days so we are having a nice relaxing day.

First snowshoe

Lucas got his first pair of snowshoes and he tried them out today and he loved them! He did great with them! Our busy week starts tomorrow with cookie decorating with friends, Monday is Christmas with my parents and one of my brothers, Tuesday is Christmas preparations, Wednesday is Christmas! And then Saturday is the wheeler family Christmas.

The last couple weeks lucas has been such a great big brother and he loves to help Annabelle with things like getting on her boots. They definitely still fight, but they also love to play together.

Lucas did great for his first trip the barbers!

‘It’s the Christmas season!

So much as been happing here! The house renovations have been going right along! We should be done by the end of January. We’ve been doing lots of Christmas activities like seeing Santa, going on polar express train ride, seeing reindeer, tractor parade, going to get nana and papas Christmas tree and lots of Christmas music!