First snowshoe

Lucas got his first pair of snowshoes and he tried them out today and he loved them! He did great with them! Our busy week starts tomorrow with cookie decorating with friends, Monday is Christmas with my parents and one of my brothers, Tuesday is Christmas preparations, Wednesday is Christmas! And then Saturday is the wheeler family Christmas.

The last couple weeks lucas has been such a great big brother and he loves to help Annabelle with things like getting on her boots. They definitely still fight, but they also love to play together.

Lucas did great for his first trip the barbers!

One thought on “First snowshoe

  1. Wow…family is getting so big…Lucas really got the hang of snowshoes..good for him…Ms Annabelle is pretty content going along for the ride 😊 sounds like a very busy holiday for you..hope Santa is good to you and kids 😉
    Rebecca is coming today (Sunday) and leaving Wednesday…because she works on tomorrow we will celebrate Christmas Eve…Tuesday will be our Christmas Day…little different this year…but as long as we can get together ..that’s what counts…we’ll be thinking about you …take care…keep in touch…happy holidays
    Love 💕

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