Busy season

This season has been a beyond busy one for our family with home renovations, Lucas’s surgery, fun, and sickness. Lucas’s surgery went great and he’s now 2 weeks out from it and his eyes are looking great! He doesn’t need his glasses now and he’s eyes are straight and don’t turn out at all! He did great with his surgery and recovery. He only complained the night of the surgery that his eyes hurt. The last couple weeks the basement renovations have picked up again and they should be done by the end of February. Right now Lucas, Annabelle, and I are recovering from what could be the flu and have been under the weather for almost a week now. Rob goes back to traveling tomorrow and we will miss him being home very much. The kids and I are going to hopefully get back to 100% this week. Annabelle Now needs to climb absolutely everything including on the table. Her favorite outfit is her Daniel tiger shirt and her boots with no pants or diaper. She is figuring out how to use the potty and doesn’t have many accidents, but does still wear a diaper for bed, naps, and away from the house. She is leading her potty training. Lucas is already ready for winter to be over because he really doesn’t like the cold and it’s been really cold lately.

2 thoughts on “Busy season

  1. Oh my goodness. What a busy month you’ve had. Lucas looks just great after his surgery, and Annabelle potty training already. She’s even earlier then her daddy. Looks like you have quite the mess in your house bring remodeled it will be so nice when it’s all done kiss those little darlings from us. Keep the pictures coming. We do enjoy them. Xoxo 😘❤️

  2. Wow…lot’s going for your family..love seeing all the pictures…your remodeling seems to be taking a little longer than expected ..but..it seems like that usually happens with a remodel project. Not sure what Annabelle is tiring to do with her wardrobe…maybe wear everything at once is going to be her thing 😉 Lucas is sure growing and happy to hear his surgery was successful.. lot’s of snow and cold here…but just think January is almost over ..now we have to get thru February/March and then we can be thinking of spring..and flowers..and sun shining..and warm summer days…anxiously waiting for that.
    Thanks again for the updates…take care
    Love from G’ma

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