Number 3 is on the way!

Lucas and Annabelle want to share that they have a baby brother or sister coming in August! Lucas is beyond excited for the baby and hopes it’s another baby sister. Annabelle doesn’t understand yet, but does love to kiss my belly. I’m only 13 weeks, but look at least 6 months pregnant. The nausea and fatigue have been horrible, but we are all getting through it. The basement is finally starting to look like it’s coming to an end! Just a few more things to do and we are all so ready for it to be done! Annabelle is doing great with potty training! She doesn’t wear a diaper unless we are out of the house or sleeping. I got her some undies, but she takes them right off because she prefers to be naked. Annabelle now has a big girl bed in Lucas’s room, but we gave up on it for a month or so after the first night was a disaster. We will try again soon. Annabelle had had first dentist appointment last week and did awesome!

One thought on “Number 3 is on the way!

  1. Wow…lot’s and lot’s going on at your house…first of all..congrat’s on baby #3… wonderful news..and I can just imagine how busy you are and will be with a new baby on the way..Annabelle did really good at the dentist ..good girl…your basement project is lookin good…anxious to see it completely finished..make sure to send pictures of the completed project..Lucas and Annabelle are sure getting big…hoping Lucas still likes school and it appears he no longer is wearing glasses..that’s good news…Annabelle is doing well with potty training..that too is good news. ..that will be wonderful when baby #3 comes along..only baby #3 in diapers. Not much news from here…still winter…still snowing…I have been very busy volunteering at MGH…all the snowbirds are gone for the winter extra shifts are spread among the people who stick it out here 😜 but I do enjoy …so no complaints…thanks for the update…congrats again on baby #3 keep us updated love to all from

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