Stuck at home

We all have been staying at home except for a daily walk trying to stay healthy. I’ve been homeschooling Lucas while he’s out of school and he has been loving the activities we’ve been doing. His favorite subject is science so I have lots of science experiments planned. we’ve been watching daily zoo animal videos and Lucas now loves hippos and porcupines. Today we got the new kitchen all set up and both kids absolutely love it! Also enjoy videos of the kids dance movies during our dance party.

2 thoughts on “Stuck at home

  1. I really loved this entry. What fun you’ve been having. Great, science experiments, and Lucas really has some moves (like his daddy)😊😊. It’s been quite challenging not going anyplace, but it’s how it has to be Keep up the good work keeping those little darlings happy, and amused. I miss you all, and am very disappointed we can’t visit in April ☹️ Keep sending those blog posts please. We ALL live seeing them xoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. The new blog is great…it appears everyone is loving your new family room..I give you a lot of credit with the homeschooling…some very interesting experiments and projects. The leprechan trap was pretty genius !! Something not everyone would think of 😊 Lucas has some really interesting dance moves..shaking his little cute is that.
    Between the snow yesterday and the ‘virus’ scare…this grandma is staying pretty close to home…besides…everything except the grocery stores..are closed, I have been trying to get an outside walk in everyday..( except for yesterday)..we had a very cold and snowy day..but today it might be 40/degrees and sunny ..we’ll wait and see…stay warm and healthy
    Keep the blog news coming..I really enjoy the updates…love to all

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