We’ve been having the most beautiful weather so we have been living outside the last month and it’s been so great! This is the last week of school for Lucas. He has been loving it outside and loves that he now has 2 friends that live just 3 houses up so they are back and forth between the houses all day. Annabelle is still a happy little girl who has gotten quite the temper when things aren’t going her way. She always wears her bike helmet when she’s outside even if she’s not using her bike. Nana and papa have a seasonal at the campground up the road so the kids have loved going there the last couple weeks. We’ve gotten lots of house projects done including a sandbox for the kids! Lucas doesn’t like being dirty so he just sits on the side and plays with his trucks, whereas Annabelle gets right in there and plays. We still have lots more projects we want to do before baby arrives. I’m 28 weeks today and thing are going well! I go this week to see how he’s growing. My last ultrasound last month showed he’s a big just like Lucas and Annabelle were. He is definitely a mover and is practicing to be a boxer! I will be getting Induced around 37-38 weeks. Life continues to get busier and busier as baby date comes closer.

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  1. It was great to get a new blog post. The adventures you are all having. Glad to here Lucas has some new chums close by. Annabelle blonde hair, has some sweet little curls in the back 😊. Glad to see they’re having some fun, playing outside. You’re backyard is full of adventures for then both Happy t here the pregnancy is going so well, and you have a happy ending planned You all take care. Kisses and big hugs to those little darlings. Xoxo ❤️❤️

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