Even more teeth

Lucas now has 4 teeth coming in and a couple more that look like they aren’t far behind. For the past few days he has been miserable and not much has been making him happy. He Isn’t sleeping or napping well and that isn’t helping his mood. It’s sad seeing him so miserable. Here are pictures from the last couple days. We bring him sledding his new sled from santa and he loved that and smiled the whole time!


He loves trying to climb the stairs



getting a sink bath after dinner


his favorite place to get stuck



He kept wanting to lay down 


helping put away groceries


Growth spurt 

Lucas is going through a growth spurt and has wanted to sleep the last two days except to eat. Today we got a tummy time in this morning before he wanted to go back to sleep. Lucas has decided that he likes tummy time best when he’s either naked or in just his diaper. Since I don’t want pee all over I keep his diaper on 🙂 The rest of the day has been him eating and sleeping. It’s a good day for it since its been raining all day. Ive been using his naps to get some work around the house done, to have some cuddles and now to try to get in a nap myself with Lucas in his bed next to me and miss lovegood cuddled up with me.