Lots of playing 

Lucas and I went swimming with a friend yesterday and he sure loves water! We had a day of great naps yesterday and a much better night of sleep! Today daddy gets home! Lucas now loves Luna (not so much her kisses though) when they are on the floor together he will scooch himself over to her to pet her 😃

cuddle time!

feet taste yummy!

Long night

Lucas is possibly teething and had a terrible night of sleep 🙁 he was up a lot restless and couldn’t settle back down. Yesterday was a good day we had fun at playgroup. He loves watching the older kids play. Today we are just hanging out around home and hopefully he takes good naps and sleeps better tonight. We tried carrots last night and I he spit them all out 🙁 

already loves to read 🙂

Slept 9 hours straight! 

Lucas slept 9 hours straight last night!! It was the longest he’s ever slept. After waking up at 4:45 he wanted to eat but then only we back to bed for a little over an hour and he was ready to he out of bed 🙁 maybe someday soon he will sleep past 6 in the morning! 

morning playtime

Good day! 

Lucas is finally sleeping 5-7 hour stretches at night!! So much better than the 1-2 he was at a few weeks ago. Today he started napping in his crib since he’s getting too big for his swing. It creaks while he’s in it 🙂 I have to go without napping with him on me until he gets used to his crib 🙁 I already miss napping with my cuddle bug. We are trying to get him into a nap routine so his naps are longer than a half hour they have been. In between naps there is lots of cuddles, playtime and reading. 

playtime break to catch up on the olympics

Sweet potatoes 

We are letting Lucas try some food now and the faces he makes are hilarious! He did like his sweet potatoes and apple sauce but you sure couldn’t tell he did by some of the faces he made. 

hanging out yesterday in the ac on the 90 degree day

happy boy all cleaned up!